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4 Steps to Establishing a Healthy & Joyful Running Practice

If we return to our body and the form anticipated by its design, we will find joy in running once again.

For many people, running is an exercise of will power. We force ourselves to run. There is no joy in running, apart from the fleeting sense of accomplishment that comes after you have forced yourself to do something you didn’t want to do. Unfortunately, even this dollop of joy is often overshadowed by shin splints, plantar fasciitis, or back, hip, and knee pain. Is running meant to be this hard?

The answer is, emphatically: NO!

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A Great New Buddhism Book for Westerners

Western Lights: A Collection of Essays on Buddhism

I have read hundreds of books about Buddhism, and as time goes on I have become more and more interested in those works that seek to bring the timeless wisdom of the Buddhist tradition out of its Asian shell and present it in a way that is accessible to Westerners. Andrew Furst has managed just that with his offering of "Western Lights." This book is of particular interest to anyone curious about Buddhism, but remains sympathetic to concepts like faith and prayer, as "Western Lights" presents Buddhism through the lens of the Pure Land tradition. Andrew skillfully addresses concepts like karma, Atheism, faith, meditation practice, and enlightenment in a down to earth way that many westerners will find refreshing. I would recommend this book to any Westerner beginning their exploration of Buddhism.

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