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Spiritual Materialism and Buddhist Spirituality

In this episode of the Finding God in the Body Podcast, Ben Riggs talks about spiritual materialism. He talks about what Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche called the Three Lord of Materialism and places this all within the context of his own personal journey. 

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Finding God in the Body is up and running. There you'll find reviews, sample chapters, the accompanying podcast, ordering info, and more.

"Finding God in the Body turns inward to examine the human condition, meeting personal suffering with heartfelt insight and transformative practice. It steers clear of the wishful thinking, unfounded beliefs, and cynicism that define much of the spirituality genre.
Ben Riggs leaves no stone unturned, addressing each stage of the journey as he explores the space between fundamentalism and atheism to uncover a spirituality that resonates with the modern, Western mind. Then he binds that view to an actionable path of self-analysis, prayer, and meditation, which introduce the reader to the God of the body.
This book is a much-needed addition to the corpus of spiritual literature, and a must-read for all modern seekers."
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