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The Religion of Creativity: Becoming in This Creation, a Creator

The object of art is to give life a shape.― William Shakespeare

We tend to think of creativity as a skill or a talent possessed only by a select few, commonly referred to as artists. We arrive at this mistaken conclusion due to the fact that we reserve the title of “artist” for those who are capable of generating forms or artifacts of monetary value. This subliminal belief system reduces the field of value down to only those objects preceded by a dollar sign and ignores the intrinsic value of the creative process itself; however, if we were to remove the metric that measures the legitimacy of the process by calculating the dollar value of the image it produces, then we will see that the creative process is priceless. It is an intrinsic characteristic of the human condition, and therefore an indispensable component of a healthy way of life.
The Religion of Creativity: Becoming in This Creation, a Creator

Shame & the Healing Path of Meditation

Shame is the gateway to compassion.

Shame says, “I am not good enough, or smart enough. I am not big enough.” It is an example of pervasive dis-contentment—a lack of content or vitality, a type poverty mentality. From a Buddhist perspective, this brand of self-hatred is closely connected with basic sanity. Therefore, shame is considered to be an extremely powerful energy, as it serves as a portal, through which we are afforded the opportunity to relate to the emptiness or the lack of content in our tiny little ego shell.
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