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Jiddu Krishnamurti was one of the most insightful, inspiring, and influential thinkers and visionaries of the past 100 years. He had a wonderful method of transmitting his vision through open dialouge... In his characteristic style he would pick apart and sift through various ideas and concepts to arrive at the essential experience, but seldom was he alone. Krishnamurti had an uncanny ability to bring his audience along with him, perhaps because they weren't an audience at all. Being in discussion with this great mind was a sort of genuine relationship that transformed those in the audience into participants. He invited them into the experiment, which is what I wish to do with this blog...
I realize that there is a great gap between the degree of insight possessed by myself and Krishnamurti, but perhaps a genuine relationship; one that transforms 'me' the writer into a reader, and 'you' the audience into a writer could serve to enlighten us both. I have written a great deal on this blog, and there are a few who actually read it. I invite those who read this blog to comment on it, to post their opinions, both agreeable and disagreeable, their own ideas or insights.
We can have this conversation here on the blog page, which is preferable, as others will be afforded the opportunity to read over everyone’s comments, or if you prefer we can do it on Facebook. It might be more convenient to do it in both locations- you decide! Either way, we have a wonderful opportunity to engage in a rich inquiry into what it means to be fully human. I have provided a badge below that will take you to the Facebook page. I hope everyone will take this opportunity to join in this incredible experiment.
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  1. This is the meaning I like most from what you wrote, "a wonderful opportunity to engage in a rich inquiry..."

  2. Thank you... I appreciate the idea of inquiry, of exploration. We have the opportunity, not as a teacher and a student, but as two friends to explore spirituality. To investigate it together. What shall we talk about?

  3. I think this is a great idea. As we share our experience, strength and hopes,it makes us all stronger.It also makes the group stronger. This will also help to think about the topic befor responding to it.

  4. There is an awful lot of material on this site to get the wheels turning... I have said quite a lot, now I would to hear what others have to say! What do you think about meditation? spirituality? Prayer? the ego? discontentment? All of these topics are covered here... What have you to say... Oh and by the way, roter37 it was good to see you the other night!

  5. Hey everyone... The discussion forum is complete and ready to go. If you are interested in dialog please visit the link below:


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