A Global Resolution.

Every New Year we begin to look forward with hopes and aspirations for the coming year...

For several years now I have been totally committed to a work that I hope contributes to world wide spiritual awakening... There is nothing I would rather see than we as a people working together to create an enlightned society.

This I believe is the next step in human evolution. Not so much a step, as a maximizing of our already existing potential, a shared intelligence.

Here is a talk I did sometime back at a Unitarian Church in Shreveport, LA. It highlights this aspiration, and outllines some of the obstacles we face in trying to make this wish a reality. It is a couple of years old so some of the details are outdated, but the core message is just as relevant today as it was then...

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!
Click here to listen to the talk about violence, pacifism, and the possability of freedom from both.

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