Investing in Meditation


I teach meditation at the Refuge Meditation Group; a small, but consistently growing group in Shreveport, LA. We are a group committed to the practice of meditation. I tend to teach Buddhist meditation from the perspective of a westerner because, well… I am one. This is my passion. I want to see meditation thrive in a community where not long ago it was all but a curse word! I work on the weekends in order to make a little bit of money so that I may pay my rent and eat, but this weekend job is now standing in the way of progress for our group.

We need to meet on the weekends... For group sits, beginners workshops, and topic oriented seminars. There are a lot of people who want to attend our group, but cannot make it on Wednesday night. We need to start meeting on Saturdays, but I am unable to do this because I am pinned down at a desk! I actually love the job. Truth is I do not really need to make much money. I currently survive on less than a $150 a week income. I am not looking to make more money; I just want to figure out a way to make the same money in a different way. The Refuge Meditation Group has gotten to a place in its development where I need to find other streams of income, so that I may be there for the group on both weekdays & weekends.

I have recently come to the conclusion that the most practical and feasible way to accomplish this is through my writing. So I have installed a pay-pal button on this page (at the bottom of this post & permanently on the right hand side of the page). This blog is free and will always be free. I am simply saying, if you appreciate this blog, and have the means to express that gratitude please do so. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and will go towards a great a cause- the spread of meditation and contemplative philosophy.

Ultimately my work revolves around the translation of Buddhist principles and practices into western user-friendly language. I do this not only at the meditation group in Shreveport, but right here on these pages. So, if you can not donate there are tons of other things you can do to invest in this work.
You can friend request me on Facebook or Twitter, and repost links to this blog with your friends.

Comment on posts here on this blog; let's generate some dialog and/or debate.

But above everything you can invest in this work by continuing to read this blog ans other related material, and experiment with the ideas discussed.

It is all about discovering the immense potential bottled up within each and every one of us. Transcending the stale and lifeless world that is a self-conscious existence to discover complete and total freedom is the aim of spirituality. I hope that my work both here and at the meditation group inspires people to look within, and work toward the liberation of the "truth that is imprisoned" in them!

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Thank you,
Benjamin Riggs

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