Letting Go Of What You Never Held.

Letting go of the idea that you are an idea that owns the space it inhabits...

Deception sits at the core of all our problems. In fact, deception is the problem. The expression of this misunderstanding is called aggression.

Aggression is the pressing out of confusion. Deception births insanity when thought is divorced from reality.

We have this belief that we are some kind of solid separate self, which exists apart from life. As a result, we experience ourselves as though we are an intrinsic idea that came into being independent of reality. Of course, reality constantly challenges this view. Truth never ceases to question the assumption that we are solid, permanent, or independent.

Perhaps you have no idea what I am talking about. But you will... This week! Many of us have these ideas about who we are, but the moment family comes pouring these ideas are called into question!
All of our fancied ideas about how mature or peaceful we are go out the window after a couple of days with the parents. An obnoxious brother or sister is enough to test anyone’s patience. A lonely holiday without the company of anyone is a sharp reminder that we are not quite as independent as we would have liked to have imagined.

Here's the thing, these apparent obstacles are really wonderful opportunities in disguise. We can either defend our territory or surrender our aggression. Defending our territory is the action of the ego. It is aggression. Instead of conceding that we are not an idea, we project our disappointment onto others via the mechanism of blame. Then we spend our time and energy trying to get others to act in such a way that our self-image isn't challenged. We ignore the obvious; this is the problem- ignorance. This state of igore-ance is the primary defense mechanism of the ego, as it prevents the ego from being called into question, but fails to solve the problem, as we are left impotent or stuck in an unpleasant mood…

This week most of us will be afforded the opportunity to discover the spaciousness of the present moment. We could surrender our aggression. Instead of fighting with our friends and loved ones, we can open up and discover the spacious quality of life. That is, we can look within ourselves for the causes and conditions that give rise to our dissatisfaction. In doing so, realize that we create our own discontentment, and as a result uncover a world of possibilities we never knew existed. We never again have to be stuck in our crap because, we are no longer waiting on others to fix it! We can realize that it is our conceptual boundaries that create the obstacles we are stumbling over.

Life is fluid. It is flowing, and our tendency to conceptualize or solidify this flow is the source of friction. So instead of standing apart from life as a spectator, this Christmas lets accept the invitation to participate in life. Accepting this invitation consists of surrendering aggression or the tendency to blame. Letting go of the idea that you are an idea that owns the space it inhabits...

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