Meditation And Truth.

Photo Provided by Hans Jorn Storgaard Andersen
Listening To Sanity
Truth is not to be created, produced, or constructed on the basis of effort or through philosophical constructs, but discovered through the negation of our own inaccuracies. Sanity is not a contrived matter, it simply is. Politics, religion, science, and whatever else you can think of do not create truth, but attempt to describe it, and maybe even access it. As a result, there isn't a great deal of effort (if any) required to happen upon such a discovery.

Our capacity to intimately know truth is the majesty underlying the human condition. If we allow the commentary on life to take it’s rightful place as nothing more than commentary, then the mind becomes fertile ground for insight. Insanity is the result of trying to force our environment to conform to our ideas, or fears and expectations. Sanity is state of affairs when thought is fresh. It is the fundamental human condition. Sanity is restored when the content of thought is supplied by reality.

Everyone without exception can tap into this quintessential intelligence. It is this “tapping into” that is often called meditation.

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