Do As You Do And Not As You Think.

Painting by artist Hélio Cunha
There seems to be a gulf between our commentary on reality and reality itself...

We tend to do as we think, as opposed to think as we do... This is putting the cart before the horse. From this point of view, thinking is divorced from reality, as it precedes action. This is insane. Allowing thought to reflect action enables thought to be in touch with and therefore inspired by reality. In this way, thought is constantly updated, refreshed. When thinking precedes action, the past dictates current behavior. We find ourselves trying to navigate a new territory with an expired map...

We have a way of experiencing ourselves, a sort of self-consciousness. We identify with what we think about what we are doing; instead of allowing what we are doing to be confirmation enough. It feels as if we must be aware of what we are doing, or else we might just slip off the planet! 

This causes all sorts of problems. This self-conscious mentality is riddled with operating errorsWe stumble over ourselves and come off awkward as hell, as we try to figure out what we think about what they think we are doing???

As St. Augustine remarked, "We have become lost in multiplicity."

Meditation invites us to return to simplicity- to right here/right now. To allow the breath to be identification. To allow each step to be confirmation enough. To feel the solidity of the earth as our foot touches the ground. To be here and now, and realize that the present moment is in perpetual motion. Meditation reminds us that this world is alive, and we are a manifestation of this world, and are therefore alive. We are motion.

We are creation, and not a creature... That is to say we are not a finished product. Finished products are extinct, and we are alive, evolving. Meditation is recognizes that each moment is the ultimate embrace, the eternal confirmation of life!

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