The Power Of Vulnerability.

Truly Elegant!

"The only true elegance is vulnerability."~ Chogyam Trungpa

Vulnerability is the necessary condition for the spontaneous expression of intelligence... 

Here is the premise:
"The whole situation is alive— we are alive, our relationships are alive, and the space we are moving through is alive… It is life penetrating itself... To say that the whole situation is alive, is to say that it is changing without beginning or end. This challenges our sense of self, because it does not provide solid ground for us to stand on. It does not afford us with the opportunity to experience ourselves as a solid-separate individual. We are left vulnerable… Though it doesn't feel this way at the time, vulnerability is the action of sanity seeking to express itself in our lives... 

All of the confusion, and the behaviors that express our confusion are connected with our basic being, or energy. We do not need to repress or hide our confusion, as that would be dishonest. Rather, we need to observe our confusion. We need to face the obstacles that prevent complete vulnerability, and the expression of pure love or intelligence. Obstacles are life’s way of forcing us to relate with that which we have chosen to ignore. In observing our confusion, we see it for what it is. When confusion is seen for what it is, it is immediately transformed into wisdom. Observation and transformation are opposite sides of the same coin. Transformation is the pressing out of observation. It is a state of ignore-ance that sustains our fears, and the observation of ignorance is enlightenment."

~quoted from my recent article on Elephant Journal, "Making Love On The Cushion."

Here is a talk on the power of vulnerability. It is one of the most amazing talks you will ever hear, courtesy of Brene Brown via TEDX... Enjoy!

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