Appreciate the Simple Magic of Your World.



This is your world!

You can’t not look.

There is no other world.

This is your world; it is your feast. You inherited this; you inherited these eyeballs; you inherited this world of color. Look at the greatness of the whole thing.

Look! Don’t hesitate—look!

Open your eyes.

Don’t blink, and look, look—look further.

Then you might see something. The more you look, the more inquisitive you are, the more you are bound to see. Your looking process is not restrained, because you are genuine, you are gentle, you have nothing to lose, and you have nothing to fight against. You can look so much, you can look further, and then you can see so beautifully. In fact, you can feel the warmth of red and the coolness of blue and the richness of yellow and the penetrating quality of green— all at once. You appreciate the world around you. It is a fantastic new discovery of the world.”

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