Is Spirituality Just Another Defense Mechanism?

So often we approach religion and/or spirituality as if it were nothing more than an “evacuation plan.” We feel so overwhelmed with disappointment and frustration that we want something or someone to deliver us from our ordinary life. So, we set out in search of “something else.” This only adds to our frustration, because that “something else” never comes. There isn’t anything else. "Something else” is an hallucination. 

The spiritual path is about embracing the fullness of our lifenot just the peaceful or serene moments, but also the pain and dissatisfaction. The spiritual path runs right through those aspects of our self that we have spent most of our lives trying to evade.

The observation of neurotic energy is the spiritual path and it starts right now. It doesn’t matter if right now is filled with a pristine awareness of life’s grandeur or neurotically preoccupied with trying to manipulate someone into fulfilling some selfish end. Right now is all you have. You will never have anything more. So, whatever arises—regardless of how neurotic it might be—it is the path. It is all you have to work with. There is nothing else. So, listen to it. Find the intelligence which underlies your habitual commentary, because that intelligence is not only the path, it is the goal!

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