Meditation Tip: Let Your Cheese Slip off Your Cracker!

Experience the haunting silence of your radiant mind!

Do not try to stop your thinking—the only mechanism you have to accomplish such an end is thinking. Therefore, you will find your self thinking about not thinking—a frustrating and self-perpetuating cycle of thought.

We have to allow our thinking to be free flowing, non-regulated. This is very difficult. It feels like you are going crazy, and you are, from certain point of view. When we allow our thoughts to arise and pass away in their own time, the ego is forced to relate to the groundlessness of it's own existence. Our cheese has to slip of our cracker, so to speak.

Meditation is letting go of your solid ground, your frozen point of view. We are letting go of all our fears and expectations, which requires fearlessness. We have to sit there and simply "feel" as our fears and expectations come and go. From the ego's point of view, fearlessness is insane. We are moving beyond all of our attempts to organize our experience around some limited idea of who we are. We have to completely let go, of both positive and negative thinking, if we hope to dive into the immediacy and open-ness of our experience.

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