What is Meditation All About?

The Awakened State

Most of us, sit on the cushion in order to get some place. We want to get "it." We are all looking for the grand finale—the awe inspiring moment of insight that ends all moments of insight, enlightenment. Then we get frustrated when it doesn’t come.  We think, “I think too much to meditate!” or “Some thing must be wrong with me…I’ve tried to meditate and I just don’t get it.”

We seem to believe that realization is a matter of tweaking this or that, or seeing things from a more “spiritual” point of view. It just doesn’t seem to work that way.

Ultimately, meditation is concerned with the awakened state. It is about surrendering to the basic state of wakefulness that underlies not only, the rapturous moments of bliss and the agonizing moments of heart-ache, but the terrifyingly mundane spells of boredom we all cycle through.

Wakefulness isn’t some-thing you get, earn, or acquire. It isn’t something to be understood or figured out. Understanding and accomplishment are conditioned states of mind born out of effort. The unconditioned mind is spontaneous or effortless. Therefore, relaxing into unconditioned awareness is about consenting to the naturally emergent isness that is the ground from which all conditioned phenomena arise. The unborn mind is not the product of philosophical algorithms or psychic visions of a spiritual realm. So, there is no need to indoctrinate yourself with an enlightened point of view. Just fall into the unelaborated immediacy of the present moment, which is the spontaneous emergence of a bird outside the window just before it becomes a bird outside the window.

The awakened state isn't a point of view, it is view without any point.

Meditation is the non-practice of not tampering with anything including the tendency to tamper with everything. Realization is the perfection of simplicity.

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