Un-Created Creativity: The Union of Desire and Compassion in 137 Words.

Coming into Un-Created Creativity.

From the point of view of Buddhist tantra, desire is not a problem. Desire is desire. It is attachment to desire that proves to be problematic. Buddhist practice is about the liberation of desire, not liberation from desire.

In other words, how do we experience object-less desire—desire that isn't organized around some fear or ambition, which is just an addiction or in more traditional terms, passion. The object-less expressivity of desire is called, in Buddhist tantra, Compassion. True Compassion is the unfiltered expressivity of Life.

Compassion is un-created creativity. It is spontaneous and always appropriate. The only way we can come into True Compassion is by opening our hearts and minds and allowing our Self to be the vessel or the medium through which the universe expresses itself. Literally, compassion is the voice of the cosmos.  

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