Discipline, Discipleship, and the Spiritual Warrior in 190 words.

To practice discipline is to become a disciple…

“Thirty minutes of moving our body or thirty minutes of meditating on compassion lead to vitality and happiness. The more we understand this, the more we do it. The more we do it, the healthier it feels. Through healthy activity, happiness of body and mind become the continuum. We begin to understand that unhappiness is simply the result of wrong engagement. We are engaged in activities that are not leading anywhere, or we have given up to some degree. Thus we must keep our discipline. We are discovering that far from making us into drudges, discipline brings us joy—because it teaches which activities to cultivate and which to discard.” ~ from Running with the Mind of Mediation by Sakyong Mipham

…a disciple of your own basic goodness. The contemplative life is a life devoted to restoring the basic state of sanity or healthiness embedded in the human condition. This commitment starts with the restoration of personal sanity. Then, it begins to include the basic quality of wakefulness in every body—friend and enemy alike. This is the discipline of the spiritual warrior. 

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