What Does it Mean to be at Peace, in Plain English? The Answer in 170 Words.

Meditation isn't about giving up control.

In practice we see that the very notion of control as a scam or an an illusion. The very entity that is said to be in control, the ego—repressive patterns of thought and physical tension—belongs to the very life process it claims to control. Thought and tension both arise within the spectrum of experience. Nothing can be found standing outside of Life, as it unfolds, witnessing, thinking, and reacting. The witnessing, thinking, and reacting all arise within the stream of life. 
So, in meditation practice we touch the breath and let it go. We allow the breath to guide itself. We relax into the body and discover that the body is an auto-regulating process. Liberation is found, not in victory or accomplishment, but in the annihilation of struggle. When we cease to experience ourselves as a solid, separate entity standing back, apart from the revelation of life trying to regulate experience, then we cease to struggle against life.

This is the true meaning of peace.

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