Is Faith in God Part of Our Makeup?

There is a tendency towards basic theism that seems to be natural. It cannot be explained away.

There is something deep down inside of me, calling out to me. It is a life larger than my own. I am contained within it, but it is not contained within me. You can call it God, inspiration, or whatever--what you call it does not seem to matter. In fact, it is probably best to call it nothing. But I am beginning to understand the term, Lord. Because it is my Lord. I must respond to its call or it does become destructive. It is my true Life--the life I am being born into--and I have no choice but to live it.

The journey is calling out to you and and it is an imperative in man to answer that call. There is a passion, a sense of inspiration that strives towards the center of meaning and being in everything we do. We must become disciples of this passion, which means we must live a life disciplined by this passion. It is not enough to strive every now and again. Inspiration must be the absolute center of our lives, if we hope to maintain a sense of meaning and purpose. We lose touch with this center, and we begin to unravel.

Spirituality is a moment-to-moment, day-by-day commitment to the birth of Truth within you. And no real progress can be expected if we are not willing to maintain a disciplined practice of writing, painting, gardening, meditating, studying, playing music, or whatever resonates with us. What resonates with you is your mythology and you must live by it, or pay the unbearable consequence of being trapped in a discontented life.

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