Asking for a Sign.

It seems that the presence of God is never telling me who or what I am, but that I am. That is his message to Moses in Exodus 3:14.

Only the ego asks for a sign. It wants to know, "Who am I" or "What I look like." The ego is so insecure that it turns the presence of meaning or I am-ness into a problem by asking, "What does it mean? What is the point?"

The ego is always looking for something tangible, something marketable and profitable. It's search transforms the very thing we are looking for into a problem that must be avoided.

Meditation is a protestation of this neurosis. Meditation practice challenges the insecure questions. It challenges the ego's search with silence. Rather than running after entertainment or something to fill the void, meditation trust falls into the void, only to discover that the void is the womb out of which our true life is born.

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