Organic Spirituality vs. Fundamentalism.

There is a manner of living pre-ordained by my whole person. 

This manner of living is intuited in the body and this intuition is rendered at the level of consciousness as a journey. 

When the map is written in symbols which relate to the immediacy of my incarnationthe unfolding of my Being into the present momentthen the journey is first and foremost an inner-journey, reflected in the world I live in. 

When the map is written in signs, which fail to point past their obvious meaning, the journey is seen as some sort of obligation to the external world. This misunderstanding may lead to any number of detours and false assumptions, none more mutually destructive than the belief that the map emerging from our body is the "one true map."

This is the epitome of fundamentalism, the essence of which is hypocrisy. 

Hypocrisy is so violent because it ignores our non negotiable obligation to the inner life and transfers the balance of responsibility onto objects in our environment: either belief systems that suggest all has already been accomplished by some savior figure and/or everybody around me needs to get busy. 

The only truly universal path is the path that recognizes the integrity of each persons path, as it is revealed through their own unmediated, direct experience. On this path one's heart is the guide and there are no backseat drivers, not even what I think about the path that lays before me is taking into account.

This is the path of silence.

If, in the present moment, we consent to the fulfillment of our person by aligning our conscious will with the revelation of the body, then the journey is intentional and is often called the spiritual path. If, however, we deny our responsibility, then we separate ourselves from the ground of meaning and freedom, and life becomes dry and mechanistic. We feel as though we're being drug through the motions of life kicking and screaming, until it all comes to an end with one final 'meaningless' gasp.

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