A Brief Contemplation on Life, Death, Joy, & Sorrow.

We are all working towards the same outcome, death.

Death isn’t a sickness. Everything that is born suffers decay. Death represents the fulfillment of life. We will all be, as Cornel West says, “the culinary delight of terrestrial worms.” The only way to embody the fullness of our life is to willingly participating in our own death. We’re all working towards our final resting place, our deathbed. The only question is will we go willingly or kicking and screaming? In answering this question for ourselves, not in theory but with lived experience, we find joy or sorrow. Every morning, every moment we’re asked this question—life is this question; how we live our life—willingly or willfully—is our answer.

Old age, sickness, and death are not evils. They are examples of Truth—self existing realities that appear inconvenient only because we compare them to our man-made systems of thought, hypothetical situations, and ideals. Evil’s existence is contingent upon our insistence to maintain the sovereignty of our man-made systems, which we lay over the self-existing examples of Truth. Old age, sickness, and death do not “suck,” so to speak. What sucks is our naive and “unnatural” belief in eternal youth, comfort, and immortality.

To live in a hypothetical world is to deny the reality of your body. It is to consign yourself to an early death. To participate in your death is to step beyond the hypothetical veil of immortality and enter into the mystery of eternal life. There you will find something living that was never born.

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