Touching Love.

This post is a rip-off of Waylon Lewis' post on Elephant Journal entitled, "What is Love?"

Dr. Reginald Ray is an amazing teacher. I remember the first time I stumbled upon him. I picked a lecture series of his called, "Touching Enlightenment." This series challenged me in a very real way. I had no idea the depths that the practice of meditation had the capacity to explore. In this series he clearly pointed out these depths, and inspired me to challenge my own selfish programs and false assumptions with the practice of looking deeply and honestly.

In this video the American Buddhist teacher Reginald Ray talks about love, and the embodiment of love. Ok... So the video will not let me embed! Oh well, it is such a good video I will just embed the link! Take that youtube.
Click here to watch Reginald Ray speak on love!

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