An Example Of Mindfulness.

photo courtesy of tussenpozen

“Conversations between the moon and forest and dramatic thunderstorms are not the only times I hear the call of the cosmos. I also hear it during the stillness of midday…
At midday, all natural activity comes to a halt. There isn't a voice to be heard. There isn’t even a thread of wind, and the trees are as still as corpses. The dormant sky stretches beyond measure, and the sun hypnotizes the earth and her myriad creatures with it’s fierce and fiery eye. Then, at the nudging of a cloud, the earth begins to turn once more, and the spell is broken. If you’ve ever awakened from a nap at the exact moment that the sun paralyzes the earth, you will hear the call. I have heard it hundreds of times, and each time my heart trembles. Barely awake, the sea of my subconscious mind floods my being, and my whole body responds.” ~from Fragrant Palm  Leaves by Thich Nhat Hanh
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