Spirituality Is About Learning To Trust Yourself.

Take a friendly attitude toward your thoughts.” — Chogyam Trungpa

Beating within each and every one of us is the heart of enlightenment. Taking refuge in this heart is the essence of spirituality.

Buddhism can be summarized in four Noble Truths. In the first two, we accept that suffering is real, and realize that it is a pattern set in motion by a misunderstanding. So, we see that dissatisfaction is a consequence of confusion, and not some solid-intrinsic feature of life. From this point of view, the situation becomes very workable. Realizing that confusion is at the core of our problem, infers that there is something beyond our confusion— insight or wisdom. In other words, we realize that we have been asleep. But if you know that you are asleep, you have also discovered the possibility of awakening, the third Noble Truth. We start to realize that there is a great intelligence, which up until this very moment we have ignored. Taking refuge is the core of the Buddhist path or the fourth Noble Truth. Taking refuge is essentially learning to trust this intelligence.
~from The Heart Of Spirituality by Ben Riggs

Pema Chodron on the Shambhala teachings of Chogyam Trungpa and learning to trust yourself!

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