Lack the Motivation for Spiritual Practice?

You can still practice, you know that, right?

As the famed monk and author, Thomas Merton, once said "we invite useless trouble upon ourselves" when we expect ourselves to always be moved toward spiritual practice. The fact is that many days we will not want to sit. This is where discipline comes in.

Discipline make practice very ordinary, very boring. So our spiritual path becomes a sort of internal struggle, but the meat is in the struggle.

It is precisely because we don't want to practice that practice is a practice. Engaging in a discipline is becoming a disciple. We are you learning to worship something other than our own finicky self-interest. We are learning how to step beyond the limitations imposed on our lives by our self centered framework. We are practicing and cultivating our capacity to do what we do not want to do and not do you want to do.

We are exercising our inherent freedom.

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