What is Faith?

Who we are, our true being, exists in the darkness.

This darkness is not dead. It is the source of creativity. This darkness is the source of light in our lives.

Like the night sky, it is vast, unobstructed space. Perfectly luminous, like the moon, its radiance illuminates all that is, without any consideration of its value or status. Deep in the silence of the body this space can be heard breathing. This breath was never born, so it never dies out. The same voice which said, "Let there be light" still illuminates our life.

To reconnect with our true Selfthis larger, deeper quality of beingwe must learn how to see in the dark. We must let go or unlearn all the 'things' that we are not. The spirit of faith is truth and truth is self-existing or un-created—it just is.

Faith has nothing to do with dogma. It is not a system of beliefs. In fact, faith is the intuition of being that anticipates a system of beliefs. Faith is not constructed through a process of indoctrination. It is discovered through a process of letting go, or relaxing into the unmediated space of the body.

We are addicted to objects. We are so afraid of the dark because we lose touch with our objects: we can't see the table, the lamp, the chair, so we stub our toe. But what you know is no where near as interesting as "that you know." This basic knowing is faith.

Faith is indestructible wisdom. It is the flame that cannot be extinguished—that which knows that we know. It is the light that burns at the center of darkness—not patching over the darkness with a sort of artificial light, but knowing the darkness—as it is, as darkness. This knowing is the light of the world.
It is the unborn mind.

Darkness is not so much the absence of light, as it is the light of light—awareness of awareness itself. The unborn mind is inexpressible wisdom. It is faith, the seed of creation.

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