Politics Begins with the Maintenance of our Spiritual Condition

I find the above quote from Finding God in the Body particularly relevant, given the current political environment. 

I am not promoting political quietism. Politics is an aspect of daily life, one that those fortunate enough to live in a democratic society should be grateful for. We must be not only present and engaged but always informed, well-intentioned and open-minded. 

The above quote reminds us that however well-informed or articulate our argument might be, it will fall on deaf ears, if we fail to express ourselves in an honest and respectful manner. Our actions blot out our words. 

Our politics must begin with the maintenance of our spiritual condition, lest our politics become just another channel through which we vent fear and resentment. Political discourse must begin with prayer and meditation, personal reflection and self-examination.

Finding God in the Body offers in-depth instruction in the practice of body-based meditation, contemplative prayer, and self-examination. 

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