A Revolution of Consciousness


There is no doubt that we live in a peculiar age... Not because we are more hateful or crazier, but because we can get our crazy little hands on more destructive toys!

I believe that the problems we see in the world are nothing more than projections of the conflict within us. We are able to hate others and lash out in violence because, we secretly hate ourselves, and violently suppress our true nature.

As a global community we need a "revolution in consciousness!" A collective awakening; we must discover humanity within ourselves, so that we may recognize and respect it in others. We as a species must wake up and realize that the causes and conditions that give rise to suffering do not rest in the weapons, political parties, or corporations, but in the society that manufacturers and sustains them. A society is nothing more than a collection of individuals. It is the individuals that elect the politicians and give shape to the society. I am an individual- I am the society!

It is time that we realize that we do not live in a society; rather society lives in us...

I hope that we can come together as a people and support the "mindful life" by participating in a mindful life-style. I hope that we can look within for the origins of our own personal dissatisfaction, instead of falling victim to blame, which traps us in suffering, and forces us to wait for the world to change. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "We must be the change we wish to see!"

True change takes place in silence...

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