Stepping Out Of The Center.

Life Beyond Selfishness....

We cannot discover the spacious quality that underlies our concepts by simply reading
some words off a page. We have to step into our lab, and begin to experiment with them for ourselves. One such experiment is called the meditation on equanimity. This meditation is not a thought experiment. We are not trying to sit down and figure out the mysteries of the universe, nor are we trying to indoctrinate ourselves with some new state of the art philosophy. We are excavating or “looking deeply,” as Thich Naht Hahn says. We are looking beyond the conceptual mind.

Eventually cracks will start to appear in thought. Light will begin to shine through these cracks. The presence of light indicates the discovery of space. At this point, allow awareness to mingle with space, allow it to settle in space. The two are not different; it is like pouring water into water. Remember the point of this practice is not to sit around thinking about stuff, but to see beyond the conceptual mind… To discover mindfulness or the fullness of mind, and allow this intelligence to express itself!

So let’s stop theorizing and start practicing…
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